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Thank you everyone for your amazing entries.

There were far too many entries to choose just 10, so after much consideration, we have now whittled it down to 18 winners 🙂

Just as much
By @miggy130

“A note my Granny left behind for me. She knew exactly what I needed to hear from her, even when I didn’t.”

By @bullla_116

“Glow with the flow. A lot happens every day and some of it is out of our control. Enjoy life as a flow of changes and glow.”

Be kind, Be humble
By @itschristinalui

“This could be Beara Beara’s new tagline as well as mine.”

By @tennisnotensai

“The moniker of my favourite fictional character of all time. This character inspires me when I’m at my lowest. Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.”

Remember Venice
By @philwells66

“is a phrase I say to my wife when things get a little tough. I took her to Venice a few years ago, and although only a few days away from the hustle and bustle of ‘life’ it forged our love and friendship which is why I remind her of our time in Venice when life gets too much x”

By @abcrafting

“It’s the combination of a few words that describes the most beautiful, happy, joy-filled times, opportunities or adventures. It is, in essence, the word my best human and I use for “that sounds like the best possible time and I’m all in.”

Han & Leia
By @yufang_lynn

“My fiancé refers to me as Princess Leia whom he always worships and loves. I refer to him as Han because he’s a half-witted and scruffy-looking guy whom I love deeply. It’s funny how I never watched a single episode of Star Wars until I met him. He was brought to this fantastic universe where everything is possible!”

By @sandymallon

“Ever since I was a child I’ve loved this word. I love the way it sounds and what it means. It’s a word that motivates me to be the best me I can be and to enjoy the simple things for their unique and perfect beauty. It’s a perfect word to summarize the Beara Beara brand.”

By @sumayyong

“In Danish it means to enjoy contentment through cherishing the little thing in life, for example the moment you win a free Louie leather tag”

Kia kaha
By @southpacificjem

“Maori phrase for “be strong”. A reminder to always be strong even in difficult or trying times.”

By @kailin11

“Meaning a reason for being in Japanese. I want to have it embossed on the Louie, to remind myself to find purpose and meaning in life, take things slow, savour every moment and reconnect with loved ones.”

Love despite
By @isabel_hermosavida

“Like because, and love despite. We like someone because of all of their qualities, but we love someone despite some of their qualities.”

Be you
By @_sy.lo_

“I would like to emboss “Be you” on the Louie. It’s really important to be yourself in every moment. I want to remind myself that I live my life, I’m the master of my life.”

Sic Parvis Magna
By @matias.silkkis

“meaning Greatness from small beginnings. Whatever you do or wherever you go, you can do or achieve greatness, through small acts for yourself or others.”

By @ves_lina

“The word MAGNANIMITY as a reminder to stay kind to everyone you meet on your journey!”

By @aneladgamji

“as it reminds me every day to stay positive about myself, and is also the name of my cat, who passed away….”

Embrace it
By @jeun________

“The story behind this is based on the quote “shit happens, embrace it”. Sometimes life gets hard but best if you can embrace it. A knot that you cannot untie, make it a bow!!!”

Keep Moving
By @setsunai_yume

“Because as Albert Einstein said, “life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”


Thank you everyone for participating and providing us with all your inspirational words. We genuinely wish we could offer everyone a free hangtag but for now we had to choose a few special ones. Your words have been insightful and creative and your explanations moving and heartwarming.

Thank you everyone for being part of the Beara Beara family.